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Cleaning Your Phone Can Help Protect Against Coronavirus

Published by Tamara True on

Did you know that cleaning your phone can help protect against coronavirus?

Clean your phone can help protect against coronavirus

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks what with the coronavirus pandemic panic. Until it is contained and a cure found, protection is key.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to keep your hands clean and off your face, even if it is a next to impossible task.

Keeping your phone sanitized is another smart way to keep germs off your fingertips.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers your phone a “high-touch surface,” which could make it a carrier of the virus.

So, how do you keep your phone clean?

Any kind of wetness will interfere together with your phone’s performance. While you want your phone clean, you also need it to work.

DON’T use spray cleaners or industrial products. You need your phone to work. Bleach and aerosol sprays are not ideal either.

A suitable alternative is to use a gentle wipe with a product that has 70 percent isopropyl alcohol like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

Also wear disposable gloves to clean and wash your hands thoroughly after you’re done.

Like your phone, reusable gloves might harbor virus particles, rendering them effectively useless.

In addition, DON’T forget your phone case (if you use one). Wipe it down, in and out, thoroughly. Then let it dry before reassembling it.

You might also consider sharing photos through texts, instead of passing the phone around, and using devices like headphones and technology like Bluetooth to keep your phone away from your face.

The Coronavirus pandemic is fast-moving and research is as usual, slow on the uptake. In the meantime, keeping your hands away from your face and cleaning your phone can help protect against coronavirus.

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Stay safe, everyone. Love and light, always.



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